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Secure Drive Encrpytion

Secure Drive Encryption technology is implemented in all of our latest workstation, handhelds and tablet PCs. This technology utilizes a proprietary ASIC engineered to encrypt/decrypt the entire hard disk bit-by-bit including the Boot Sector, Operating System, Temp and Swap files. Encryption/decryption operations occur in real-time to ensure zero performance degradation and total transparency to the end user. Secure's encryption technology ensures multi-level privacy, confidentiality, authentication and authorization using the industry standard proven certified TDES (Triple DES) algorithm.

Encryption key is stored in a serial EPROM that is local to the encryption ASIC and totally physically isolated from the main memory and processor busses. This allows key loading without the possibility of leaving traces or tracks in main memory or mass storage.

In the event it becomes necessary to "zeroize" the workstation disk this is accomplished by a key combination which erases the key memory in less than 30 msec. regardless of the state of the system. This includes both on and off, states and if the system is off, and the internal battery is "dead." Once the key has been erased the workstation processor will not recognize that a storage drive is connected to it and will report "no boot device found". secure process diagram

Secure Drive Encryption Specification Sheet
supported hard drive type Rotating Hard Disk Drive
Solid State Drive
zeroize time 30 milliseconds
encryption 192bit Triple DES Encryption of all data contained on drive, Ability to instantly "Zeroize" storage drive within miliseconds

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