Customized Solutions

Secure is able to provide each customer with a solution that is uniquely tailored to their exact requirements. Whether a customer needs a completely new design, a customized COTS solution or a COTS solution, Secure Communication Systems can meet their requirements. We are often able to combine elements of our current designs to create the optimal solution for our partners, reducing the time and cost associated with completely new design. Depending on the need, we can also ruggedize the latest COTS technology to create a complete custom solution. In fact, over 75% of the products we sell are solutions that were uniquely tailored to an application.

Our team of dedicated engineers and scientists are able to customize existing legacy displays, networking equipment and computer solutions, and all of our design and manufacturing is done in house, ensuring the utmost in speed, quality and reliability. We design products to meet extreme environments, to ensure reliable performance in airborne, ground, and sea applications. Our focus on maintaining a lean, flexible manufacturing process lowers the cost of our products and enables us to respond quickly to shifting demand.

We stand ready to meet your unique requirements with a solution tailored to your exact needs. Our customized solutions are operating around the world and in critical applications where failure is not allowed.