Information Assurance Manufacturing

Secure has over 26 years’ of experience producing Information Assurance (IA) equipments for the US Department of Defense (DoD) and its prime contractors. Our performance on these COMSEC production contracts includes high-volume IDIQ manufacturing, comprehensive qualification testing, managing TDPs, performing Engineering Change Proposals (ECPs), developing complex test equipment, and accomplishing reverse logistics and depot support. This mix of capabilities and certifications gives us the ability to provide our unique services at the highest quality and the most competitive price.

We have an extended engineering technical base that can program Field Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGAs) and design intricate mechanical interfaces. Our engineering team is also experienced in modifying incomplete, or deficient Technical Data Packages (TDPs) for use in high-rate production.

Secure brings the following strengths that our customers can rely on for their IA manufacturing programs:

  • Ability to support the extended engineering and production requirements of transitioning a program from a design program into a full rate IDIQ production contract
  • Ability to design and execute a comprehensive test plan including the design and development of unique test equipment and procedures when required
  • Exemplary record delivering high quality IA assemblies on schedule on over 30 distinct IA manufacturing programs
  • For our Prime customers, Secure provides Direct Fulfillment services, where your product can go directly to your customer in your boxes with your paperwork without stopping at your facility.
  • Over two decades of experience providing depot support, training of Government Depot personnel, spare parts and full-life cycle support on legacy programs. Secure’s customer service team routinely averages a product turn-around-time of less than 20 days.