Powerline Communication

Secure Communication Systems has developed a system for sending data via existing power lines on heavy equipment, buildings, ships and other infrastructure in both commercial and defense applications. Secure has developed a system that connects vehicles running 74 VDC power down lines that in some cases are 50 years old at 100 Mbytes per second at distances of 1,000 feet. This dependable and rugged system is operating in harsh environmental conditions with high levels of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). The final product also provides for Gigabit Ethernet connectivity as part of a local area network as well as sharing data between vehicles.

The system is designed send data up to 100 Mbytes per second on most power line applications. This technology is especially useful in the upgrading of existing systems, where power lines (or other conductive lines) exist and the addition of new or modified cabling is impractical or expensive.

This technology enables high-speed communication between systems on large structures, applications include rail, shipboard, existing buildings, mobile vehicles, transit, etc.

Allow us to tailor this technology to your application, to enable reliable, high-speed connectivity in a cost-effective custom solution that meets your requirements.