wireless expertise

The Secure Communication Systems engineering team has extensive experience and expertise in the development of wired and wireless communications systems for a multitude of applications. Wireless system attributes include secure and robust wideband communication waveforms, and light weight and low power designs for portable/battery operated platforms. The communication system attributes include low power spectral density waveforms that result in a signal that is difficult to detect or intercept, and can also be safely operated in and around equipment that may be susceptible to electromagnetic interference. The wideband nature of the waveform also results in a signal that is more immune to the effects of intentional and unintentional jamming than standard (WiFi, BlueTooth, Zigbee, etc.) commercial wireless communication systems. Secure’s innovative technology also enables system designs that incorporate a wired/wireless capability. This technology allows system developers to design devices that can be networked via a single wire that will also seamlessly maintain their network connection wirelessly when unplugged from the wire. Specific expertise of the engineering team also includes a working knowledge of Government security requirements and certification, as well as expertise in ruggedizing COTS technology for embedment in harsh military environments. Secure provides customizable unit, module and chipset solutions that are tailored for the customer’s specific system integration needs.