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The Lynx II Translator is a ruggedized, modular system which was specifically designed and built to satisfy the demanding requirements of Two-Way Speech-to-Speech (2WSTS) Translation software during field use. This system features a lightweight CPU module, a wearable Speaker/Microphone, and an external battery. It is an extremely flexible platform that allows the soldier to remain situationally aware while communicating across a language barrier in real world field conditions.


EDM with Pilot

The Lynx II Translator can be attached to a standard issue Molle
Vest using holsters provided with the unit.

High Powered Ruggedized Speaker/Microphone Module: The Lynx II provides unmatched speech-to-speech translation accuracy, ease of use and functionality. This is accomplished by using a six element, far-field phased array microphone with “follow-the-speaker” technology. This gives reliable speech recognition in real-world environments out to a safety stand off range of 5-10 feet from the user. A powerful flat panel speaker driven by a 15 watt digital amplifier is integrated into this module so the warfighter can be heard. The Speaker/Microphone module is rated IP54 when in use for increased reliability.

Ruggedized, Lightweight Design: The Lynx II is designed to be worn by a soldier and operated in an eyes-free, hands-free mode. It is ruggedized to meet the demands for tactical military use and features a low-power CPU for extended battery life.

Nett Warrior Compatibility: The Lynx II is fully compatible with the Nett Warrior system through use of the Personal Area Network (PAN) specification and use of Nett Warrior batteries. Additional accessories can be added to the Lynx II solution, including: Headsets, PAN USB to VGA Displays, HMMWV Adapters, and an external docking station can be connected to allow adding an external monitor, mouse and keyboard increasing its flexibility.

2WSTS Software Vendor Neutrality: The Lynx II platform supports full eyes free versions of 2WSTS translation software—from any vendor thus enabling the user to choose the best software for his specific application.

The Lynx II is available with an Iraqi Arabic, Pashto, or Dari language pack.

Lynx II Translator CPU Module Specification Sheet
dimensions 7" x 4.4" x 1.1"
Weight Under 2 lbs
material / color Aluminum Alloy / Desert Tan
type Intel® Atom™ Ultra Low Voltage Processor Z530
Speed 1.6 GHz with power and thermal management
Video Up to 8 - 128 MB (BIOS Selectable)
optional 6.4" External Display
type Internal Standby: 14Wh
External: LI-80 80Wh
LI-145 145Wh
battery life Nominal Profile Use 24hrs+
Internal standby battery 1hr+
Standby States Instant on S3 (3-4 sec recovery)
Operating System Windows based open software system architecture / Linux
language pack English < to > Iraqi Arabic
English < to > Pashto
English < to > Dari
Type Solid State Drive
size Up to 64GB SSD
encryption 256bit Triple DES Encryption of all data
Ability to instantly "Zeroize"
system i / o
input / output PAN x 2 - 3.5Amps
USB 2.0 - Type A
Available via USB Docking Station:
- VGA Video
- 10/100 Ethernet
- USB 2.0 x 4
- Microphone In
- Audio Line Out
carrying method
type Wearable with holster and Molle Vest attachments
ip rating IP54 when in use

Speaker / Microphone Module Specification Sheet
Weight 12 oz
material / color ABS; ABS-Sealed (Speaker Diaphragm) / Desert Tan and Black
type 6 Element Phased Array Far Field
dedicated audio output device
type High Power Flat Panel Speaker
amplifier Integrated 15W Class D
low power mode Allows standalone use with any computer with a USB port
Type PAN (USB 2.0)
external buttons
Type Dual "A" "B" Buttons
carrying method
type Wearable with holster and Molle Vest attachments
ip rating IP54 when in use

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