Commercial Aviation

commercial aviation manufacturing

Secure has a legacy of providing highly reliable, cutting edge technology for commercial aviation applications. Our extensive understanding of the critical safety requirements and the harsh vibration, altitude, temperature and EMI requirements on defense applications has allowed us to successfully tailor our systems for use in less stringent commercial aviation applications. We have developed highly reliable cockpit displays, electronic flight bags, kneeboard tablet PCs, and flight processors that meet the strict DO-160 requirements.

Our core design philosophy is to use modified Commercial-off-the-Shelf (COTS) technologies to create a custom solution for each customer. Enhancements to the COTS technology include proprietary display laminations for superior readability and longevity; human interface enhancements such as tailored kneeboard attachment devices; and unique mechanical packaging for fitting systems in distinct mounting areas. This approach is cost-effective and significantly reduces the development and time to market for our customers. We successfully used this approach when we provided rugged electronic flight bags for Horizon and Alaska Airlines.