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Secure Communication Systems has over 25 years of experience building systems for all branches of the military, and our systems can be found in the hands of troops and on vehicles all around the world. The systems we provide to our military partners are built to withstand and even excel in ever-changing, always-harsh battlefield environments where reliability is essential. We have supplied airborne tactical systems, vehicle mounted systems, and encrypted communications devices to many of our military partners.

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The Secure engineering team brings many years of successful product development for our Military customers. We have proven our expertise in sealed computing technology, wearable computing and all forms of display technology. Our designs incorporate the latest Information Assurance requirements while providing a wide range of interface options. Through our Advanced Technologies team we are able to introduce the latest commercial technologies to our reliable, rugged designs.

Secure is fully staffed with the experienced, certified manufacturing personnel needed to insure the consistently high product quality level that our customers have grown to rely on. Our innovative IPTs respond proactively to production surges, obsolescence and long range forecasting.

At Secure, we stand behind our products and offer our customers a range of service options. Whether we are providing field support, spare parts, training depot personnel or performing service in-house, we are committed to providing our customers with world-class customer service.

Our commitment to providing high levels of service and quality has made us a valuable long-term partner to many in the defense industry.