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In the Oil & Gas market, the need for highly-reliable, ultra-durable computing systems can be met by a number of Secure’s custom solutions. The harsh environment requirements of an oil well or gas extraction site are similar to those we have met on defense and transportation programs. Our products are designed to be fully sealed and to survive wind, rain, sand, and complete emersion under water. They are also protected against corrosion from chemicals. Our designs also eliminate sparking and interference with other electronic equipment and can be certified for Class 1 Division 2 applications. Continuous, reliable operation is critical in remote oil sites that receive minimal maintenance. We regularly design and build systems that have in excess of a 10,000 hour MTBF and require zero maintenance during their operational life.

In addition to computing hardware, we also have a proprietary secure wireless networking technology that can provide reliable connectivity between systems installed on critical oil and gas infrastructure. This wireless technology is encrypted and cannot be intercepted or jammed. It protects against the threat of competitors or hostile parties performing a cyber-attack or siphoning information from our hardware.