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Secure is a key development and manufacturing partner on multiple transportation platforms. Our experience in vehicle electronics includes the development of multiple displays, computers, HD digital video processing, and intra-vehicle communication systems for rail and other vehicle platforms. Applications for such equipment include locomotive positive train control, vehicle and engine control systems, in-cab monitoring systems, onboard sensor data processing units, and high-speed data interconnects.

Companies today are realizing that a pure COTS solution cannot meet their critical needs and is not a sustainable long term option even though it may provide a lower initial cost. By moving to a custom solution that is tailored to your requirements and utilizes the latest COTS hardware, you are able to deploy a highly-reliable, cost-effective solution that meets your immediate requirements, enhances your customer’s experience and provides a platform that can expand across multiple product lines.

An example of a tailored COTS solution is Secure / Tactical Micro’s Mobile Closed Circuit TV Surveillance System. This is a state-of-the-art solution that records, transmits wirelessly and tracks security video for public transit organizations. This system gives real-time control providing outstanding service and safety to riders on public transportation. Tactical Micro is teamed with Milestone Systems, the global leader in open platform IP video management software (VMS), as well as other leading partners in network video surveillance. We provide a system with the latest in commercial-off-the-shelf technology for the


Mobile CCTV Surveillance System Overview

The Mobile CCTV Surveillance System includes the following:

  • Network Video Recorder with removable backup storage
  • Milestone XProtect® Corporate Management Server, Record Server, Event Server premier open platform IP VMS software
  • Tactical Micro’s proprietary Multi-Purpose Video Suite (MPVS)
  • Support for HD interior/exterior video with microphones and other sensor devices
  • Status displays for bus and train operators
  • Wireless wayside equipment

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