Secure handheld computers are a blend of portability, competitive power, and dependable strength.


Tablet PCs offer the power of standalone desktop computers with touchscreen interfaces.

Deployable Workstation

Secure workstations combine all the essential components of a powerful workstation into a highly secure ruggedized package.


Secure designs and manufactures rugged routers for rugged military or tactical environments.

portable battery pack

Add utility to a Secure product with a selection of valuable accessories.

These featherlight powerhouses provide maximum power at a fraction of the size of a laptop.

Rugged Display

High resolution, rugged displays for all types of demanding mission critical applications.

SDS Handheld Unit

A rugged handheld fill device used to download cryptographic key data to IA equipment and communication systems.

KY-100 and RCU

Narrowband/wideband terminals that provides for secure voice and data communications in tactical airborne/ground environments.