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The AIRTERM (KY-100) is a lightweight terminal for secure voice and data communications. The KY-100 provides wideband/ narrowband half duplex communication that functions in conjunction with:

  • TACTERM (CV-3591/KYV-5)
  • VINSON (KY-57 & KY-58)
  • MINTERM (KY-99A)

The low profile Z-AVH RCU can be used when there is insufficient space to mount a KY-100 within easy reach of an operator or when there are multiple operators.

The KY-100 is based upon the KY-99A architecture and provides flexible interface capability. Operating in tactical ground, marine and airborne applications, the KY-100 enables secure communication with a broad range of radio and satellite equipment.

The KY-100 is backward compatible with the VINSON KY-58 and has the same connector and pin-outs for the wideband operational modes.

The KY-100 provides voice at 2.4 kbps using the DoD standard LPC-10e for narrowband voice modes. The KY-100 also provides CVSD voice at 16 kbps and 12 kbps in the wideband voice mode.

Secure’s primary advantage is our ability to rapidly and inexpensively modify our existing products to incorporate your custom requirements. Variations in packaging, human interface, and I/O are performed to meet specific program needs. If you require any sort of modification, reach out to us with your specific needs and we will work with you to create your ideal solution.

KY-100 MTU and Z-AVH RCU


  • DIMENSIONS5” x 5.7” x 4.7” (KY-100), 2.6” x 5.7”xX 3.2” (Z-AVH RCU)
  • WEIGHT5.7 lbs. (KY-100), 2.5 lbs. (Z-AVH RCU)
  • FORM FACTORMatches Vinson KY-58 (KY-100)
    Matches Vinson Z-AHP (Z-AVH RCU)


  • POWER12 – 38 VDC
  • TRANSIENT PROTECTIONAircraft – MIL-STD-704 Ground Mobile – MIL-STD-1275
  • BACKLIGHTBacklighting – NVIS Compatible, 5 VAC, 5/14/28 VDC Selectable
  • AVERAGE POWER17 Watts (KY-100), 7.5 Watts (Z-AVH RCU)
  • RELIABILITY (MTBF)> 5000 hours @ 71° C
  • MAINTAINABILITY (MTTR)> 5000 hours @ 71° C
  • FEATURESNo Preventative Maintenance or adjustments Built in Self Test (BIT) fault isolation capability
  • BATTERYReplaceable Backup Battery (BA-5372)


  • TEMPERATURE-46°C to + 71°C (operating), -57°C to +95°C (nonoperating)
  • HUMIDITY95% non-condensing
  • ALTITUDE40,000 ft
  • SHOCKBench, Basic, Crash Safety
  • VIBRATIONJet, Helicopter, Propeller, Shipboard, Vehicular
  • COMPLIANCEMIL-STD-461C (Compliant for US Army, Navy and Air Force use)
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