Hawk Eye 18″ Display

Hawk Eye 18 Inch Display

High resolution, rugged 18″ AMLCD display for all types of demanding mission critical applications.

TD24 Custom Cut LCD Display

TD24 Custom Cut LCD Display

The TD24 is a custom cut LCD display that was designed to emulate obsolete plasma displays.

TD27™ LCD Display

TD27™ LCD Display

The TD27™ LCD Display is a off-the shelf, rugged flat panel color monitor for industrial and military applications.

4K Display

4k display

The TD31.5 Monitor is a rugged, reliable, quad-full high definition display ideal for military tactical applications.

21.5″ Display

21.5 inch display

The 21.5” display is a rugged full-HD display that can be mounted in a vehicle or console environment.

Handheld Display

handheld display

The Handheld Display is a rugged, high resolution display designed to be worn on the wrist of a user or stowed in a pocket.

Cockpit Display

cockpit display

The Cockpit Display is a rugged, 9″ (720p) display designed to be mounted in a cockpit and can display crisp, full motion video.